Friday, May 18, 2007

About Pashi

The inspiration for Pashi is a street child, not more than some months old ( read about him here ). That day when I started writing, I only wanted this blog to reflect my random thoughts. When a few weeks passed and I wrote a few posts, I started thinking about what Pashi is and what it is meant to be ( read here) ?

Well, this is what I think Pashi is .

Through Pashi, I want to portray a perspective on our life, our country and the world we live in. I dont believe that it will change anything hugely, but it might be enough to make us think , maybe think differently and create a spark in someone who may even take it forward.

Personally, Pashi acts as a storehouse of impressions for me which helps me crystallize my thoughts into an action plan to make tangible contributions sometime, very soon.