Monday, May 28, 2007

BlogCamp at Pune

Circa 2025 : At a friend's online party

Me : Hi HookedonTech, Didnt see you around for quite sometime ?

HookedonTech : Hullo there ! Was away on a vacation from blogging !

Me : Wow ! What luck ! We, sitting in Blogistan can never imagine taking one months break..There is an additional tax on us, if we dont blog while on vacation :-( But you guys at the NewBlogWorld have it so much easier !

HookedonTech : C'mon, I know Blogistan is developing much faster because of the high- quality low-cost services you are providing ! Anyways, meet my friend, Mr.X of the great Xposts blog...

Me: Hullo, Mr.X !! I am thrilled to meet you :-)...Your blogs are one of the most influential blogs ever written :-)

Mr.X : Hi ! Thanks for the compliments ! Yes, my offshore team does a great job !

HookedonTech : Mr.X, I believe you have now got branches in ReformedBlogworld as well ?

Mr.X : Yeah, I am starting off some work from there. The competition in the Blogosphere is hotting up. My strategy is very clear.... " Where do you want to take your Blog today ? "...

Does this sound too weird to you..Think twice, this may not happen exactly but flavours of this will surely !

If you would like to see, hear, learn and contribute to the growth of blogging, then join the BlogCamp at Pune, India on 16th June 2007 . This is an unconference modelled after the famous Barcamp - open participatory events ( read more here ). Read more about it here and register yourself as a participant here, if you wish to.

Note : HookedonTech and Mr.X are both fictious..I personally do not know any blogger with such identities. However, if you have this identity, please understand that this is purely a coincidence and not intentional. Still, if you would like me to replace it, then send me an email !

Friday, May 18, 2007

About Pashi

The inspiration for Pashi is a street child, not more than some months old ( read about him here ). That day when I started writing, I only wanted this blog to reflect my random thoughts. When a few weeks passed and I wrote a few posts, I started thinking about what Pashi is and what it is meant to be ( read here) ?

Well, this is what I think Pashi is .

Through Pashi, I want to portray a perspective on our life, our country and the world we live in. I dont believe that it will change anything hugely, but it might be enough to make us think , maybe think differently and create a spark in someone who may even take it forward.

Personally, Pashi acts as a storehouse of impressions for me which helps me crystallize my thoughts into an action plan to make tangible contributions sometime, very soon.