Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Which way to Quota?

There it is. The final verdict. For everyone to see. Except that the Executive mechanism of our country refuses to see it. No, it has not blindfolded itself...Far from it...It has both its eyes wide open, but still has no vision...A sad state, for all of us !

The Supreme Court has turned down the Centre's plea to lift the stay ordered on OBC Quotas in Central Institutions, earlier this month, and has stated that its stay order is final. Interestingly, to the argument of the Centre that the stay would deny the socially backward classes of their legitimate share for the 57th year, the Court gave a scalding reply that " if the Govt. has made them wait for 56 years, it could as well wait for one more year ".

One can look at this issue at different levels :

i. Pro-quota and anti-quota debates, which we have debated for years and will continue to still debate, until the political mechanism of this country cleanses out and education becomes more important than literacy.

ii. Do we have another option to Quotas : something which we should be thinking and doing. At the emotional level, we need to stretch out a hand to those who have been bearing the brunt of their lineage and India's history. At a practical level, India is an economy whose strength is its manpower - skilled, educated manpower at lower costs. As competition amongst the developing nations shoots ahead, we will have to have more and more of our manpower to be trained and skilled. Else, this burgeoning population will spell the doom. And soon.

iii. Judicial activism or Judicial over reaction ? Who spells out what is what ? Recently, with the Quota issue aggravating the tussle between the two arms of the state, we heard the PM commenting about Judicial over reaction. Well, the supremacy of the Apex court and the Legislative powers granted to the Legislature are meant to act as checks and balances, however, in an environment where both act at a certain level of maturity. Well, now that the Ministry has been caught on the wrong foot, they cannot cry foul.

iv. HRD ministry has a Plan-B to implement the quota system ! Can we become more childish. They are worse than a 2 year old throwing tantrum fits !!! If the Court has questioned the order on the basis of lack of data, which is for everyone to see, then why this juvenile adamancy to have their way only. It makes the situation look silly, when they say that they have a Plan-B now and it is unconstitutional to not go ahead with Quotas. Definitely, how much more blatant can they get in revealing their political interests and playing to it ?

This issue has been debated in and out, for ages that it's reduced to another cliche.

When will we see the focus on the real issue than hiding it behind personal agendas and ego clashes?

When will the sun shine and the rain clouds become unbiased..i wonder ?


Sia's Corner said...

very interesting and debatable topic:) thank u so much for leading me to ur blog. will come back and go through in leisure:) just quickly went through few topics and liked reading them a lot. plz do continue with ur good work.

Santhi said...

Thanks Sia...would love to see you around and share your thoughts as well.
Basically had started this to get interested people air their views and have a healthy debate. But seems like I need to do a lot more to get it going...but thanks once again..:-)